a solution that our planet can sustain

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The industry

Fashion is responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions.

Production is polluting our rivers and oceans to collapse.

40% of clothing never gets worn. It is discarded in landfills or burnt into the atmosphere.

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It is identity.
It is culture.
We need it.

However, its waste is killing us.

The eekual AI will make this waste disappear.

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Unused products.
Production steps that don’t add value.
Endless logistics.
Materials are lost in one-time use.

When making a good, the AI uses only the materials and energy it needs.

We only make what is used.
We use what we make again.

The eekual AI is directed to
efficiently make fully recyclable products close to the customer.

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Watts are used to calculate the true cost of a product to the planet.

It is the total energy needed to make materials, transport them, turn them into a product, and finally reuse those materials to make new goods.

Waste is extra energy.

Our genAI finds and eliminates this waste.

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The ability of the eekual AI to eliminate waste grows with every order.

Today the BlangBlang sneaker is 100% recyclable and emits less CO2 than the industry best*.

At 64k orders the AI will reach zero waste.

*eekual 22 kWh vs Allbirds 33 kWh extrapolated from their "2022 Sustainability Report".

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to participate in the 5 million € investment round

Maximilian Bock