Perfectly fitting sneakers.
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The product
These sneakers are made exactly for your feet.



Produced in your community

eekual’s are produced in your city or region. They can be picked-up or delivered in a few days.


Barefoot feel

eekuals are made exactly for your body. They fit but do not restrain you. Very flexible yet rugged. You connect to the environment in a natural way.


Measure yourself via app

Use your smartphone to measure your feet. It takes around 15 minutes. 


Simple quality materials

eekual’s use premium organic leather from Europe. Silicone is used for the soles. High performing and safe.

No waste

Hardcoded Sustainability

We build in a revolutionary way: Local production. No containers from far away. No returns and unsold stock to be destroyed. Less than 30 parts. Transparent material sources. Recycling ready. Little waste.

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