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No two feet are alike, not even a person’s own. In fact, your two feet don’t actually share the same size. No wonder 72% of people have foot problems.  

New: our revolutionary AI and digital technology enables us to stop making shoes in standardized sizes. It’s the end of BlingBling. With BlangBlang sneakers, there’s only one size: your size.

A remarkable new algorithm

Your foot gets measured

When photos are sent to our algorithm, it will create a digital model that follows the structure of your feet to give perfect fit and comfort.

It measures the static outer surface of each foot in mathematical space in ways no other algorithm can.

It pinpoints the joints and muscles which help guide each foot’s movements. It transfers these physical attributes, which are not visible, into the same mathematical space.

So we can make a made-to-measure sneaker for each individual foot, based not only on the external dimensions, but also on the requirements of the internal  joints and muscles.

Life is motion

BlangBlang sneakers will move in sync with each foot's movement: Discover the Emotion in Motion

Join the revolution in how sneakers are made and worn

With BlangBlang sneakers, get the most out of whatever activity you choose.

Experience a sneaker that is made for your feet only. At an affordable price.

Made of 100% natural material. For the pleasure of a natural feel.

BlangBlang sneakers come in a variety of color combinations

Waikiki sneaker

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100% Fit Guarantee

Every sneaker is designed to fit both of your feet perfectly.
If you’re not satisfied with the fit, send them back, and we’ll give you a full refund.
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