eekual bionic’s generative AI makes fashion

This will change the planet and you forever.

Up to now it’s been a 4 Trillion € industry that sees you as a size, burns ⅓ of all production, creates 10% of global CO2 and earns a meager 7% profits for its effort.

Imagine getting the clothes that you want, made for you, when you want them, at a price you and the planet can sustain - while unlocking 2+ Trillion € in profits.

Introducing BLANG BLANG sneakers, the world'sfirst generative AI fashion product

Customers measure their feet with an app, then the AI builds a shoe that moves with them so perfectly that standard sized sneakers never feel good again.

It costs 170 € and has been purchased and loved by people of all ages and walks of life.

To date this AI version has achieved:
  • no returns - due to perfect fit and comfort
  • machine control - goods are produced on 30k € robots
  • circular product - lowest carbon footprint in the industry
The next version will bring:
  • expanded offer - more models trained to meet individual needs and aesthetics
  • measurement ease - app use less than 1 minute
  • throughput efficiency - 70 € average total cost (excl. only R&D)

We began in 2018 developing an AI capable of making and learning from physical goods.
To achieve this, we built technologies spanning the whole of sales and production.
Our IP is held in trade secrets and 3 patents.
We own the process patent enabling AI to learn about customers from any fashion product.

Today the BLANG BLANG sneaker addresses an 80 Billion € market.
By directing the AI to deliver other products, we will expand into the larger fashion realm.
Next targets are the 75 Billion € jeans and the 100 Billion € dresses & skirts market.

We believe that 1 billion € in annual profits will be achieved in this decade.
We are raising 5 million € now to pass 1 million €  in annual profits from sneaker sales.

We build generative AI to reveal humanity's splendor through the beauty of you.

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