• B<2>I fashion tech company (business-to-individual)

Fashion (€1.7 Trillion market)

  • gains come with large investment and scale
  • one third of all fashion not worn - discarded
  • efficiencies keyed to sized production runs. 17th century model
  • largely manual processes propagate labor inequality
  • fashion industry contributes to 10% of global CO2 emissions

B<2>I Opportunity

  • leverage AI classed computing against ubiquitous robotics
  • conceptualize sold good as query device to learn about customer
  • with fashion cross digital barrier of business-to-internet model (Netflix, Google, Meta, Amazon). create business-to-individual enterprise
  • sell de-standardized perfectly fitting apparel

The Monster

  • discrete build framework to fit dynamic physiologies
  • self-measurement of body with smartphone
  • queried AI to output design plus build instructions for every unit
  • shift work from physical to digital space
  • on-demand individualized builds
build logistics
  • general purpose robotics. eliminate task-specific machine lock-in
  • individuated output of fashion good
  • production collapse to assembly points
  • assembly points at logistical last mile
  • explicit specification of limited material inputs (Big Mac)
iterative learning
  • key fashion good to individual purchasing
  • acquire feedback optically or directly from product (adidas holds process patent with smart sensors)
  • train AI
  • optimize good
  • optimize sales vector
  • open markets
  • see Apple, Google, Netflix, Spotify, etc. as first movers. learn from them
  • collapse distance between enterprise and individuated customer
  • B<2>I baseline established

Monster capabilities

  • sell every product made
  • reset CAPEX and OPEX baselines well below mass-production paradigm
  • know your client absolutely through iterative discovery
  • establish non-commodity perfect fit apparel class
  • collapse CAC to cost of communication (Netflix poster)
  • scale to meet demand with limited capital outlay and no latency penalty
  • hold technological monopoly. artificial scarcity

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