Brand: Authentic me

  • selfish sustainability. product made for me (body, cultural context + positive impact on environment)

Blang BLANG Sneaker (€68 Billion market)

  • in app sales now at €220
  • fit any person's body and style perfectly
  • no returns. fit error is less than 1%
  • fanatical customer due to fit+guilt-free

B<2>I fashion good

  • individuated output from AI (proprietary)
  • is query device. feedback read optically with phone camera (process patent, PCT USA, Japan, China-Option, EU)
  • unprecedented capability to modify physical good against learning
  • always surpass user expectations

Assembly point

  • maximization of work done in digital. physical done on cheap robots
  • non-specific machinery. 30k€ in CAPEX compared to >1M€ purpose built
  • 100 manual steps eliminated
  • 10x more sneakers per m2 than Nike subcontractors in China today


  • no stock, no overstock, no returns
  • resole extend life well beyond 3-year standard
  • take-back. data scan. de-build to valued material streams
  • 80% reduction in CO2 compared to Nike today

CAPEX - OPEX - CAC collapse

  • full production stack proven: work in digital - output physical
  • CAPEX to cheap robots
  • OPEX to sneaker materiality
  • iterative learning on every product cycle
  • immediacy of customer. unprecedented insights to market dynamics
  • CAC to cost of communication (see Netflix marketing)

The unbearable lightness of scaling

  • non-commodity product
  • technological monopoly (patent + trade secret strategy)
  • drive demand. simplify logistics
  • global reach today
  • local. 3 month setup to first shipment
  • possibility to franchise with machinery and feedstock lock-in

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